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To All The
Digital Marketers
Out There

Are you looking to expand your digital offerings as a Digital Marketer and increase your revenue without hiring dedicated staff? 

We’re here to help 👋


Expand your offerings into these avenues with Kryptic.


Smart Website Design & Development

Outsource your website design projects to Kryptic and we’ll manage everything from Project Scoping, Management, Design, Development & Delivery. All of this under your brand name!


Custom Softwares

Kryptic has been serving clients across a range of industries with its range of On-demand and Industry Specific Solution (ISS) Software.


Mobile Apps & Web Apps

Provide your clients the ability to launch a new mobile app for their business. We take care of piecing together the perfect application with practicality in mind.


Design Services

Be it UI Design, Graphic Design or Print-ready Designs, We cater to all creative needs with our in-house Design team. Our feedback management system helps us take feedback, effectively.

Let's collaborate to accelerate growth

Whatever you need to scale, there's always a partner you can depend on.

Kryptic provides a Dedicated Account Manager to manage your outsourced clients and keep you in loop for all important communications.


Let’s discuss a possible collaboration between Kryptic and your brand. Our team is ready to answer all your doubts in a short 30-min discovery call.


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Our Partner Program has a Global Presence

Partners Across 5 Countries

We are committed to strengthening our network further in FY-2022-23

Percent AOV Increase

Average Order Value increased for our partners by outsourcing to us and saving on their costs.

Percent Sale from Global Partners

Our Global Partners are adding skin in the game with our program.

Percent Attach Rate

Our partners saw about 8-9% of the customers interested in allied services that they didn’t offer. 

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